Monday, October 14, 2013

Things to Know When Everything Seems to be Falling Apart

We have all had bad days, but what about when those days turn into weeks or even months or maybe even years? I have a few things that might help you to peel away your anxieties and worries. WARNING: I'm not certified in anything other than life and it has shown me that greater is always coming.

You're Not Alone

The first thing that I tell myself when things are not going as I expect them is that I'm not alone. There is some one else out there that has or is going through the exact same thing that I am going through right now. Although your problem still exist, it can be somewhat soothing to know that the universe is not picking on you.

There are People Who Care

Asking for help does not come easy to everyone but, if you can lower your pride just long enough, you never know who will become a blessing to you. I have taken people and animals into my home many times. Why because I hope that someone would be that kind to me if and when I need help someday. Family would be a great start. Church members would be the next best step. If you're not a part of a church home it's okay. A true Christian will do all they can to help no matter if you're a Christian also or not.

God Loves You

Sometimes you just feel alone and unloved. I know these feelings from experience. God has even felt this way. That is why you are capable to feel these feelings because he feels them also. Are we not made in his image? There are times when we may have even made God feel unloved. Unlike human love, God's love for us is unconditional. No matter how much we hurt him he will  always love us. Sometimes his love comes in the form of correction. If you seem to be having the same problem over and over again God maybe trying to correct something in your life or in the life of someone close to you.

Greater is Coming

No matter how long you may have been hurting or struggling please know that greater is coming.You have to go through in order to come out. If you feel as if you may not make it, consider that if you quit you'll never get to reap what you sowed. All of your struggling and hard work would have been for nothing. There is a blessing with your name on it. Don't give up!

Things To Keep Your Spirits High

  • Pray
  • Listen to music preferably spiritual
  • Smile even when it hurts
  • Draw or Color (yes color)
  • Craft something or work on a hobby
  • Think Positive (ALWAYS)
  • Remind yourself of the things/people you live for
  • Watch funny movies/cartoons
  • Do family activities (game night)
  • Cook something from scratch (always interesting)
  • Journal your feelings
  • Call a favorite friend or family member
  • Visualize the things you want and know that they are yours

A stray we received a few days ago. We are fattening him up and preparing him for his vaccinations then we may or may not re-home him. We haven't named him yet.

This weeks nail color is Provoke. 

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  1. This is so true. Thank you for the inspirations and I am working on creating a vision board full of all of my dreams and goal. I am going to visualize my success, happiness, and future, and thank God for it like it has already happened. I have been working on thinking positive and not letting people (especially the ones close to me) change my mood. God has giving us the ability to speak those things that are not as though they were and that is what I am trying to do. Along with that, I have to also have unwavering faith to know and believe that everything that I desire will come to past. I thank God for all His many blessing and the blessing to come.

    God Bless Everyone