Monday, September 30, 2013

Beneful Healthy Smile Product Review

I received a few samples in the mail a little while ago and I decided that would share with you all how my little 3 lb Yorkie responded to the treats and dog food. Now my Layla can be extremely picky. What can I say she knows what she wants. The first thing we tried out was the dog food. I didn't give her much because it's not her regular brand of dog food and I didn't want to make her sick.
What I noticed about the dog food.
It had little white spots on the "o" shaped pieces. I assumed that was the source of the minty aroma that I smelled once I opened the bag.
What Layla thought.
It smelled funny. It wasn't what she usually ate and it didn't taste appetizing.

It ended up sitting in her doggy bowl and never being touched. The treats however got a different response.

The first and only ones we have tried are the ridges. When I first gave the treat to her she sniffed it and looked at me with her black pupils and asked in a subtle way "What is this?" I responded with "Try it!" of course I spoke my response out loud in English. It sat for about three days before I notice any change in the "ridges". She eventually dragged it under our bed, as she does all things she loves, and munched away at the bone for the past two days. I guess that means she likes it! I haven't noticed a change in her smile but then again she hasn't been trying them long enough to really notice a difference. This seems like it would be a good alternative for a dog owner that doesn't have time to put a brush to their dogs teeth but then again why become a dog owner? 

Natural ways to control doggie breath odor would be to make sure the doggie dish is clean. I mean if you would eat from it then your doing a great job. Have plenty of clean water available and make sure chew toys are clean. You can also start brushing your dogs teeth to remove plaque build up and any thing else that may be lingering around. I do not recommend using toothpaste even if it is "safe" for dogs. 

Life Tip
Try to use natural remedies when and where ever possible.

Final Conclusion
The treat was a delight for my baby but she was not so delighted to try the dog food. I personally don't feel that a minty dog food is the best way to go with doggie dental care. Why? Because a treat just makes more sense. I mean would you eat a minty meaty and veggie dried meal to prevent bad breath or would you just brush your teeth. With a treat something is rubbing against the dogs teeth to help clear them of plaque. Other wise your just creating more plaque.

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